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To the circles you belong

Whether you're looking to expand your social circles or having fun with your current one,
experience a new authentic way to get closer with people around you.

Swipe on circles,
play social games, hangouts, and explore your common interests together.

Fasten your seatbelt
Create or discover your
a group of people who are connected because
they have the same interests, jobs, etc. - oxford dictionary
Fasten your seatbelt
A closer group for 6 people 🏡
Speak up and chill. No need to be shy.
Six people max, so people can speak freely.
Invite your friends or get discovered 🔍
Have fun with your existing friends
or expand your network by accepting people.
Play social games 🎴
Get closer by playing The Card of Us,
a game of infinite possibilities.

Ready to meet people you genuinely
connect with?

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Be a part of a more authentically connected world.

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