We aim to make a contribution to the world by making a social platform that circles humankind to a closer and more intimate world.
The story
What if we can create a place where real people connect closer together? What if we can form a place where we can connect intimately, remove hierarchy, and empower diversity? What if we can experience people's stories in every corner of the world?

From that questions, we started our journey as a side project. We started the collaboration of startup experts and students that study and work in the USA, Europe, Australia, Indonesia, and Singapore. We circled down and started to turn our dream into reality by starting Socles prototype and initiating our research.

Behind the project, we have a wonderful team who made this all possible. It's a team consists of Sky, Rif, Van, Fan, Vel, Fel, Adit, Adit, Ron, Ter, Ghiz, Mut, Ran, Chiko, Lif, Achel, and Tyz. (if you notice one of the names, we might be amongst you ).

At Socles, we want to bring people closer together. Whatever your interests and wherever you come from, we give you access to meet and connect with anyone you could relate to. We give you a place to interact, build meaningful connections, and share your stories with your circle. Socles is just the start of the bright future we should have, so take a deep breath, and enjoy your journey with Socles.

- Socles Team